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Putting Groceries in the Trunk

Host Food Drive

Sponsor a food drive

We would be happy to accept donations from a food drive that you have planned.  We have worked with Boy Scouts, church groups, local neighborhoods, businesses, and schools.  We understand how much work goes into the organization, planning and implementation of a food drive, and we commend you for your dedication to hosting it. 


Please feel free to use our logo from our website for any advertisement you need to make your flyers or signs for your food drive.   If someone would like to donate money instead of food, they can make their check payable to Open Arms Food Bank.  All proceeds will be used in the purchase of food. 


You can send an email to when you have the date of your food drive along with the date and time you are planning to drop off your food drive donations.  If you want us to come pick it up, please give us a week advance notice. 

Thank you for helping Open Arms Food Bank.

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